Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Depths of Healing with Quantum Practitioner Holly Torres Griffin - A Soul Healing Tribe Interview by Victoria Amador

Interview with Holly Torres Griffin, a quantum healing practitioner, conducted by Victoria Amador from Soul Healing Tribe. Here are the key points from the discussion:

  1. Holly Torres has over 24 years of experience in breathwork and is a quantum healing practitioner. She has recently become a Drt. practitioner as well.

  2. The decision to take the dream regression training (DRT) was driven by a desire to go beyond the limitations encountered in previous healing sessions and explore deeper layers with clients.

  3. The DRT was perceived as the missing piece of the puzzle, offering a way to connect with and explore the subconscious more directly.

  4. Holly emphasizes the transformative nature of healing work and the importance of addressing not just surface-level issues but going deeper to uncover hidden or residual aspects.

  5. The training process was not about following a clear, step-by-step manual but involved a self-discovery journey. It required being present and adapting to the unique experiences of each session.

  6. The DRT training focused on various aspects, including age regression, womb regression, past life regressions, and addressing attachments, grief, and trauma.

  7. The DRT training revealed the intricate and deep-seated nature of attachments, grief, and trauma, highlighting the importance of thorough exploration and release.

  8. Holly shares that after completing the training, she realized the extent of unresolved sessions in her past work and how DRT provided the tools to address those issues effectively.

  9. The discussion touches on the significance of spirit attachments and ET implants, and Holly expresses the empowerment and sense of accomplishment that comes with successfully addressing these issues during sessions.

  10. Holly emphasizes that DRT has served as a bridge between the spiritual and human realms, enhancing her overall understanding and equipping her to support clients through profound healing and transformations.

  11. The conversation briefly touches on the combination of DRT with sacred medicines, highlighting how DRT can provide a better understanding and navigation of the healing process.

  12. Holly reflects on the limitless potential within oneself and the interconnected nature of all experiences, emphasizing that everything needed for healing is already present.

  13. The interview concludes with a discussion about the Wake the Healer Within program, where Victoria Amador expresses her vision for awakening the healer within each individual.

Overall, the key points highlight Holly's journey with DRT, the transformative impact of the training, and the depth it adds to the healing process.


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